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 Change on the Horizon

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Hunter of Dead

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PostSubject: Re: Change on the Horizon   Sat Nov 14, 2009 7:18 pm

The hatchet missed The giant undead Kraken and flew past hitting an odd looking pipe sticking up and out of the roof of a one of the dwarven blacksmith shops.

It wasn't so much the fact that the hatchet hit the pipe that made everyone's eyes grow wide, but more of the spark that it made....


The building exploded in a shower of shrapnel and splinters momentarily distracting The Rabia.

The ground shook more. The virtual volcano that had once been Port Skell began trembling violently.


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PostSubject: Re: Change on the Horizon   Mon Nov 16, 2009 2:57 pm

Herod saw it before him. The beast that everyone on Nerin Toth knew but no one truly believed was real.
The Rabia!

And it had its sights on him. The dwarf saw the Revenge sinking off to the side of the great beast. He would have to remember where it sank so he could pay his respects to those of his crew that will undoubtly die.

“Make ta safety boys” whispered the dwarf under his breath.

The dwarf saw something fly through the air, then felt the explosion.

He was up in an instant running towards the giant of a human as he heard other shout about the gates.
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PostSubject: Re: Change on the Horizon   Tue Nov 17, 2009 12:31 pm

"Hurry along, One-eye," urged Browden, calling to Herod. Browden ran with the dwarf, no knowing exactly what to do. He Sarek call to run for the gates. Somehow, Browden didn't care for that plan, but didn't bother to fight. Where else were they to go?


Lopex felt Sarek pulling him to safety. He was dazed and confused. The last thing he knew was that... was...

The iron-jawed man couldn't think of anything. He saw the man helping him.

That was sure nice of this stranger to be helping me. What's going on? Why does everyone scream?

Lopex just followed his new friend, Sarek, everywhere.

Maybe I can help this guy; he seems awfully scared.


"Captain," Browden said to Hellcat. "Do you have your ship? Can we fly out of here?"
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Hunt the Dead

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PostSubject: Re: Change on the Horizon   Tue Apr 20, 2010 2:43 pm

The ghost of James appeared over Lopex.

"Get up ya fekking eejit! This whole---"

That was all Lopex heard. After which the entire world around him was enveloped by red...


DM's NOTE: This thread is now closed. Please see the thread entitled "Red! Red! Red!" to continue playing.
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PostSubject: Re: Change on the Horizon   

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Change on the Horizon
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