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 New Movie Trailers

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Nick W
Nick W

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PostSubject: New Movie Trailers   Fri Aug 07, 2009 8:58 pm

What new movie trailers have interested you lately?

Here's a couple for me. Both Disney.

Alice in Wonderland! Just the visuals alone appeal to me. Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter? Brilliant! I'm not the happiest with the Queen of Hearts or the Cheshire Cat. I don't know the intentions for the queen's giant head, but it's annoying me right now. The Cheshire Cat just seems... poorly done.

Everything else though looks amazing! Alice is hot.

FINALLY! Disney is making another "classic" animated film. I enjoy them more than their 3D or Pixar films. It was sad to think they were dead. Even though I don't really care for the story, I like to see that movie form exists still.

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Hunter of Dead

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PostSubject: Re: New Movie Trailers   Fri Aug 07, 2009 10:23 pm

Holy crap. Princess and the Frog looks amazing! Its so nice to see good old fashioned animation again as opposed to the majority of crap that comes out now days. This looks like it is very Jungle Book like (which is definitely a good thing). I can't wait!

Alice in Wonderland is just going to be freaking huge! Johnny Depp is a machine, I swear. The guy has put out more movies in the last ten years than any other actor I can think of off the top of my head. It'll likely be a prime candidate to break box office records.

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PostSubject: Re: New Movie Trailers   Sat Aug 08, 2009 12:03 am


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PostSubject: Re: New Movie Trailers   

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New Movie Trailers
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