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 The Ravaging

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Hunt the Dead
Hunt the Dead

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Article Written by Jon Strickland

The world of Aeon was a beautiful, lush, and enterprising realm. Technology had struck a sudden boom, and all was seeming well. The Shining City was the center of life and progress, and next to Port Skell, was one of the biggest trade hubs in the world. Aeon was, for the most part, a peaceful realm.

Then, as if from nowhere, the dead rose and destroyed the world virtually over night. The once Shining City was one of the first to fall, and soon became known as Dead Town, as not a single soul escaped.

The world was crumbling, and out of the chaos rose the organized, but cannibalistic, Civil Agents. They were the only people brave enough to venture back into Dead Town, now claiming it as their base of operations.

The gods have abandoned the world, taking all of their divine powers with them. All clerics and paladins lost their abilities, and there is very little healing left in the world. The Triad, Good, evil, and neutrality, is dead. From the day of the Ravaging onward, no one lives in Aeon, they only survive...
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The Ravaging
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