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 Timeline -Bleeding Machine

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Hunt the Dead
Hunt the Dead

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PostSubject: Timeline -Bleeding Machine   Timeline -Bleeding Machine EmptySun Nov 08, 2009 3:18 pm

Article Written by Craig DeBoard

*Note: The following is the OFFICIAL CANON timeline of Hunt the Dead. Play by Post RPG's have no influence over this timeline, but it may influence games if the DM (GM) so wishes.

The cogs in the machine...

...no historical records could ever be found. The dark ages of the world of Aeon were ruled by chaos. A man loved a woman so deeply he sacrificed the entire world to have her again...and he failed. His failure brought upon a plague the likes of which the world of Aeon had never seen.

The undead.

Wars were fought.

Heroes died.

Horrible monsters rose.

Kings of the Undead rose and fell.

Ravagings and Decimations occurred.

And then one day......something changed.

No one new what it was.

The record books had been lost. The Dark Ages ended, centuries passed......and the time of the Bleeding Machine began.

None know of what happened during that time period between the Dark Ages and Bleeding Machine. All anyone knew was that for a time, the undead had been beaten somehow and that various races had been completely wiped out in the process.

Only four races remained on Aeon.....and none of them trusted one another. Each of them blamed the others for the plague returning. Each of them were determined to survive even if it meant another race would be wiped out.

And so this present day time was called Bleeding Machine. These races that survived were the cogs in the machine of distrust.....and the blood they would willingly spill fighting one another would keep the machine of distrust moving forward until only one race reigned supreme.....or until every last person was dead.

The humans were the ones known to try to stop the plague....but it was believed that they only did so to enslave the other races.

The dwarves were the ones who built the gigantic single city of Nerin Toth. Gone were the days of traveling across hills and plains and deserts. The entire continent was one city now.....a city destroyed by the plague.....and the dwarves were blamed by the other races for their technology somehow bringing the undead back.

The elves were the crusaders, who trusted the humans most, but soon began to grow selfish and believed themselves to be superior to other races, as they felt no other races were working as hard or sacrificing as much to stop the undead.

The darklings were the underbelly of the single city, and were never trusted from the beginning.

The aniver, it was revealed were true lycanthropes, with the ability to shape shift from human form to animal form. When it was discovered they had this ability the elves, dwarves and darklings lost all trust in the aniver believing them to just be humans trying to fool the other races. The humans felt the aniver lycanthropes were trying to invade their ranks.

The races were no longer cooperative.

Their distrust was only outmatched by their hatred for one another.

The undead overran the single city easily. Some small bastions of hope remained, but they were few and far between.

Four core groups were known to fight back against the undead the most.

Some were healers. Some were warriors. Some were wizards. Some were rogues.

All of them however would see victims fall to the undead.

The world was reborn at one point. How, no one knows. And it was devastated once again. How, no one knows.

But the cogs in the bleeding machine keep turning.....ever so slowly......to their own demise.

* 198X A.R.- Nerin Toth, once a divided continent, is now one giant city, reaching from border to border, ocean to ocean. Areas that were at one time cities, such as Port Skell and Peregren, are now neighborhoods, hidden by the massive skyscrapers that blanket the horizon.

Nerin Toth is no longer stuck under perpetual night constantly. how this odd phenomena changed, none no of. The sun rises, and night takes its place, as it should....however the sky during the day light hours is not something to be excited over as the sun never shines, it's always overcast, and the sky has a slight gray/green pallor to it.

* 199X A.R.- The undead return to Nerin Toth as mysteriously as the daylight hours have. Chaos ensues and the virus spreads amazing fast killing multitudes. Many races and factions are slaughtered, and the world truly becomes the very definition of a post-apocalyptic desolation.
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Timeline -Bleeding Machine
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