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 Hunt the Dead #2

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Hunt the Dead #2 35804_138329346178024_122530774424548_399940_2433915_n

Written by Craig DeBoard
Cover Art by Ash Jackson and Craig DeBoard

Chapter 1
Captain Hellcat and her Magnificent Flying Bombarding Contraption

"All hands prepare to anchor ye lazy fools! There's a town not too far from 'ere where we might be able to get supplies!" James yelled loudly over the noise of the rushing wind.

The Sky Palace was an amazing ship that sailed through the skies, via two hot air balloons, faster than any other ship known. And it's lover, mate, friend, and protective parent...Captain Hellcat.

The woman was known all across Nerin Toth, particularly in Port Skell, as one of the shiftiest characters to walk the dead soil of the planet, Nerin Toth.

When she played at cards, she was known to not only have extra aces on her person, but an entire extra deck of cards.

When challenged in drinking contests, she was known to end up either winning or sharing her bed with the challenger, which according to her, was still winning.

And when the Knights of Tomath who patrolled the skies and seas of the continent of Nerin Toth chased her ship, she was known to intentionally let them get close in hopes that she could drop her pants and show them her ass as she escaped, just to enrage them.

Hellcat was her name. And it was the biggest understatement known all across Nerin Toth.

"What do ye mean there's a city?" she asked James as she approached while he helmed the ship.

"Bonejack, up in the crow's nest, spotted it not too long ago Captain. Says it's some abandoned city called Jemeroth."

"I see. I'll take the helm from here, James. We'll anchor in Jemeroth for supplies before we continue on to Port Skell," she instructed.

"Port Skell? But Captain, ye know ye're wanted there. Those bloody Knights catch ye and they'll cut yer head off quicker than a darkling getting a tan in Wymm's Soul Volcano," James replied.

"Well we can't very well go back to Peregren," the Captain stated as she moved the long blonde hair behind her ear, "the Knighthood there is thicker than a minotaur's skull and just as determined to catch us after we stole that money."

"After you stole that money, Captain. I was still on me way back from Greyshore when you up and decided that burglarizing Prime Minister Zoei Fantasy's home was a good idea."

"The elf bitch had it coming. Last time we were in that city she confiscated all of our rum. Way I see it, she has not paid, in full, for our drink that she so deftly took from our ship."

"To be fair ma'am, it wasn't her, it was that damn Kargin el Tomath, o' the fekkin Knights of Tomath that confiscated the rum," James corrected her.

"Well the bastard captain of the knights wasn't even on duty at the time. His jurisdiction is Port Skell. Not the city-state of Peregren," Captain Hellcat frowned.

"His jurisdiction be all across Nerin Toth, Captain. He leads the Knighthood. And he's a general, not a Captain," James corrected her again.

"Whatever! I have business in Port Skell. I'll take the helm. Now go help get the anchors ready," she said, frustrated.

"But Captain. That wee shit, that's supposed to do the anchorin' job always--ma'am ye know how I feel about that mute fekkin bastard."

"Go," she said flatly, grasping the helm.

James stormed off in an angry mood. Port Skell was a bad idea. He just knew it. And to make matters worse he had to do anchoring duty with Lopex.

James hated Lopex.

Chapter 2
And Then She Cried Red

Erron pulled himself from Turk'en and grasped Jade by the throat.

"CANNIBAL BITCH!" he yelled.

"Erron!" Turk'en yelled struggling to pull him off of Jade.

"Kill you!" Erron growled squeezing Jade's throat.

"Erron stop!" Turk'en pleaded.

Turk'en pulled with all of his strength and yanked Erron off of Jade.

The woman sat up in the water coughing. Erron never realized he had been holding her under the sewage water.

"Your hand that got burnt is going to get infected now," Turk'en stated, hoping to take Erron's attention away from killing Jade.

"I DON'T CARE!" Erron yelled lunging at her again.

Turk'en grabbed onto the collar of Erron's trench coat.

"Listen to me! We need her right now. There are too many stiffs up on the streets, and we need her to guide us through these tunnels. Otherwise if we kill her we're either lost down here for who knows how long or we go back the way we came and have every undead in Jemeroth on top of us. For right now she has to live no matter what."

What Turk'en said made sense. But Erron still didn't like it.

"Fine. But once we're out of these tunnels the bitch is mine," Erron said threateningly.

"Whatever," Jade said as she rubbed her neck and got to her feet, "follow me if you want to live."


"What if we cut off the head?" asked Hobmocker.

"Ya can't cut off the head you idiot. You cut off the head and then it'll bleed," Aldion replied.

"Well squeezing it isn't working," Hobmocker retorted.

"Look you're the one that asked me to do this," Aldion replied.

"So! Doesn't mean you actually had to. And besides, you're doing it wrong. Push your thumb over here to the side of it. No. Not like that. Do it like---man, I don't see why we can't just cut off the head."

"Fine, if you want me to cut off the head, then I'll cut off the head, but don't say I didn't warn you," Aldion said.

"Just don't get any blood on my shirt," Hobmocker said.

"Oh shut up. You've got the blood of a dozen undead on your shirt," Aldion reminded him.

"Yeah but that was dead blood. That doesn't count. This is real actual blood from a living person. That's just nasty. Imagine how I would look if we went somewhere special. Like a really nice tavern somewhere or something," Hobmocker stated.

"WOULD YOU TWO IDIOTS STOP TALKING ABOUT FOOD!" Gerrin yelled in frustration as he turned from looking through a crack in the door of the building they were held up in.

"Sheesh, no need to be rude," Hobmocker said to the dwarf and then stuck his tongue out at him.

"Come here. Let me finish this stupid thing," Aldion said as he went back to squeezing a pimple on Hobmocker's chin.


Erron, Turk'en, and Jade walked for several hours through the tunnels. Eventually Jade led them to a dead end.

"Let me guess, there's a secret door around here that will lead us into your headquarters where the rest of your group of Civil Agents are waiting for you to lead us back to them?" Turk'en said.

"No," Jade replied, "I'm lost, you dolt."

"Oh," Turk'en said.

"About twenty minutes ago you were concerned about an intersection we came across. Could that be where we went the wrong way?" Erron asked.

"Possibly. I saw a manhole cover not too long ago as well. We could always go back up onto the streets too. Maybe try to work our way to my "secret headquarters", from there," Jade said glancing at Turk'en.

"Thanks but no," Erron replied. We get out of these tunnels, we either kill you or we go our separate ways."

"Wow. What a great selection you're providing for me. Better than a dwarven buffet. Tell me, are you planning to torture me too," Jade replied in angry tones storming off back down the tunnels the way they had came.

"Look, you can't expect us to not be pissed off here," Turk'en said moving his white hair from his face, "you're part of a group that eats people. You guys are worse than the undead. At least they're mindless monsters. You guys choose to eat people."

"And you choose to kill them," Jade replied not looking at Turk'en.

"We choose to fight in self-defense of monsters like you," Erron said.

"Well regardless, here's the manhole cover," Jade said pointing up to the ceiling where the opening was, "you can either take your chances up there with the undead, or you can help me find my group....or you can rot down here."

Turk'en and Erron looked at each other for a moment.

"Fine we'll go to your group," Erron said.

"Great. You guys will really like our sermon leader. His name is Red."

Chapter 3
Hallowed Be Thy Name

Jade, Turk'en and Erron found their way through the tunnels and made it to an alcove where a stairwell rested.

"It goes up," Turk'en stated out loud.

"No shit," Erron replied.

Jade lead the way up the stairs to a wooden door barred with iron locks. She pulled a keyring out with several keys on it and began opening the locks.

"Listen, I-I owe you two. If it hadn't have been for either of you I would have died back there. So when we go in, I'll explain this to the other agents and ask them to not put up a fight and to let the two of you go on peacefully," Jade said, giving a crooked smile.

Erron and Turk'en glanced at each other. Turk'en cocked an eyebrow and Erron gave a slight nod.

Jade opened the door.

The light from the room was blinding at first. Not necessarily because it was bright, but more because the trio had been wandering through the dark tunnels for so long.

Erron and Turk'en regained their bearings and as the spots cleared from their vision they saw the stairwell had led up into a workshop of sorts. Four black robed men had crossbows aimed at Erron and Turk'en.

"Don't move," one of them stated.

Jade spoke, "Oh come on! Hello! Secret headquarters! We talked about this. Don't look so surprised."

"You're mine," Erron threatened.

"So you keep saying. Trine, take them into the inner chambers. Dunoch and I will follow. Dub and Leonc you two maintain your post here," Jade instructed the other agents.

They did as they were told by the senior member of the faction and led Erron and Turk'en through a second door, into a courtyard. Erron and Turk'en noticed they were in the grounds of an old church.

"Don't you think this is a little....cliche'?" Turk'en asked sarcastically.

"Don't you think you need to shut your mouth dark elf?" Jade returned.

Erron eyed his surroundings. He recognized the church. It had been the largest building in Jemeroth and wasn't far from where they had been separated from Aldion, Hobmocker and Gerrin.

They were led through another doorway, which brought them into an antechamber. On the otherside of the small room was a second door. Candles lit the room, causing shadows to jump, which made the room to feel much smaller than it actually was.

"Through there," Jade said nodding at the other door.

Erron and Turk'en walked forward with Turk'en opening the door and Erron behind him. Jade followed, leaving Dunoch to guard the door. When they entered the sanctuary of the church both of them instantly took in their surroundings. Countless broken down pews. Spiderwebs. A drafty ceiling which had a large hole in it the size of a small shed. Last was the stage, with an alter. This room was also lit with candles. Hundreds of them. Well over twenty agents were in the main sanctuary, with five on the stage. The five on the stage all looked at Jade, Erron and Turk'en with approving smiles from under the hoods of their black robes.

"Well done, Jade," the agent in the center said nodding. His robes were adorned with gold and silver runes sewn into the hems of his robes.

"Thank you master," she said smiling and giving a slight bow.

"Your forewarning to us that strangers were entering the city gave us ample time to prepare for the test. Speaking of which, what of the other three?"

"The halfling and the dwarf are with Aldion--" she began but was interrupted.

"Oh don't even say that he's a part of all of this," Turk'en said.

"Of course not, you fool. The night we spent together in Port Skell was all I needed to convince him to have your group meet here in Jemeroth," Jade replied.

"You mean he...and you...and you both.....oh man...KILL ME! KILL ME NOW! BLAH BLAH BLAH! I can't hear you!!!! Oh man, now I have a picture of it in my mind! Oh man!"

"Is he always like this?" Jade asked Erron.

"Unfortunately," Erron replied softly.

"Enough," the master agent stated loudly, "bring them forward. It is time to see which of them is righteous enough to join our cause...and which of them shall be dinner."

Chapter 4
Unexpected Expectations

"Wake up....hey wake up," Gerrin whispered into Aldion's ear.

"I wasn't asleep yet," Aldion replied sitting up from the floor of the wagon workshop the three of them had been holed-up in for the past several hours.

"Me either," Hobmocker said, also sitting up.

"What's up?" Aldion asked, pushing himself to his feet.

"Well most of the zombies have cleared out and gave up on us. There's still a few out in the street but they mainly seem to just be wandering around more than anything else," Gerrin said glancing back through the crack between the bookshelf nailed to the windowsill and the windowsill itself.

"That's good," Aldion said giving Hobmocker a hand up.

"What's interesting is that big church here in town," Gerrin said pulling out a flask of water and frowning at it's emptiness.

"Why's that?" Hobmocker questioned.

"Well If you look at it you can see the church, then a wall as if there's a backyard and at the other end of the yard is a smaller building. I couldn't see anyone because of the wall, but I'm positive I saw torchlight from the other side of that wall," Gerrin explained.

"Think that's where Turk and Erron and Jade are?" Hobmocker asked.

"Only one way to find out," Aldion replied.


Three agents and Jade led Erron and Turk'en onto the stage and turned them to face each other. Next they bound their wrists together. Turk'en rolled his eyes and then caught Erron's gaze. He followed it to the hole in the ceiling where they could see the night sky.

It began to rain.

The agents disarmed Erron and Turk'en, and next put a shovel with a broken shaft into Turk'en's bound hands. They followed suit by placing a tall unlit candelabra into Erron's hands.

The master began to speak; "We are the Civil Agents of--"

"Yeah, yeah yeah. Can we get this over with already?" Turk'en said annoyed.

All of the agents in the room, including Jade looked at each other in confusion.

"Oh come on! You guys know how this goes," Turk'en said.

"Excuse me?" the master replied.

"Yeah. You guys are the Civil Agents of the Fallen. You make us fight. The winner joins you and shows their loyalty by eating the other one. Been there, done that, beat the holy hell out of you guys last time we went through this," Turk'en said and yawned faking boredom.

Everyone was silent.

The rain began to fall harder.

Jade giggled.

Then slowly but surely everyone in the room, save for Erron and Turk'en began laughing.

Thunder echoed outside somewhere.

"Ummm...OK did I miss something?" Turk'en asked, confused.

"Foolish dark elf. We are the Civil Agents of The Blood. Not The Fallen," the master said.

"Huh-wha???" Turk'en asked, completely confused now.

"A few years ago, a situation within the Civil Agents of The Fallen occurred," Jade said, "you see our group here lost faith in what the Civil Agents stood for. They believe the gods left this world and that they are the rightful heirs to it. For a long time, we also believed this to be true. But eventually our faith ebbed. The world was not changing. More and more cities were either decimated by the hordes of undead or they locked their gates. And we agents had no power of any sort. Not political, nor godly. A group of us soon realized we had been lied to."

"Unsure of the faith's teachings we approached the elders of the faction, claiming our grievances. They were not happy and deemed us unfit. A battle commenced and we escaped. For days we traveled refusing to consume the flesh of the living. However we became terribly ill. That is until we came upon a farm near Alemar. At the farm, we could no longer hold back the need to feed. We were literally starving to death. It was here that we took three young farmers. In reality they were probably no older than their teen years and were only the sons of a farmer. We began to feast and quickly realized our illnesses were passing. We were no longer starving and so we stopped ourselves. The boys were already dead, but their deaths served a great purpose. They taught us that we no longer needed to feast on the flesh of the living. They taught us that merely drinking their blood could sustain us."

"You're vampires!?!?" Turk'en yelled in shock.

"No, you moron. Vampires do not truly exist. They are merely fairy tales. But if you were to compare us, then yes, that would be the closest comparison one could think of. Sunlight does not bother us. At least we don't think so, as we aren't altogether sure since the sun no longer rises. Things like garlic, coffins, crucifixes and that nature do not apply to us. The only real similarity is the need to drink blood. We can be killed just like anyone else and we are not immortal. We just have to consume blood to continue living."

"Why not just eat food?" Turk'en asked, still in disbelief.

"We've survived on only blood for so long now, that anything else we consume makes us violently ill. And it must be fresh blood. Any blood will do. But old cold blood tastes so horrible. And the blood of things like rats and birds just tastes watered down.

"You're sick," Turk'en said in disgust and hatred.

"Perhaps," Jade replied, "but that does not change the current situation. You two will now battle."

"But why?" Turken asked, "Why have us fight if you no longer believe in the ways of The Fallen?"

"Idiot. It's simple. By doing this, we don't have to go to the trouble of killing you ourselves."

Chapter 5
Run Like Hell

Aldion, Gerrin and Hobmocker slowly made their way onto the roof through an attic in the wagon workshop. The stairs were old a decrepit and made every creak sound as if it echoed throughout the town.

The town of Jemeroth was like may towns of Nerin Toth. Abandoned. When the Ravaging occurred six years ago, most smaller towns were overwhelmed by the hordes of the undead. However, some larger cities or cities with guards like the Knights of Tomath or the Riders of Riddik survived the first wave of undead and soon thereafter closed their gates to the outside. Jemeroth was one of the first cities that had been abandoned.

It had at one time been a town known for gem trading. Being in the area of the continent of Nerin Toth known as The Black Desert, many gems could be found in the nearby Hulderk Mountains to the south. Thus the population, while it wasn't all that large, was surely growing. So when The Ravaging occurred many of the townsfolk of Jemeroth found themselves either fleeing their homes or joining the ranks of the undead.

The city itself was divided into five major sections. The northern most section was the government area where the town's magistrate and justice's offices were held. This was also where the religious sects of the group normally gathered. The southern area of the city was primarily housing and some small farms. The eastern area of the city was split between housing and small trade shops, while the western half was split between housing and the government/religious sectors. The fifth and final area of the city was the center which was primarily the market area. This was where Aldion, Gerrin and Hobmocker now found themselves.

They stood on top of the workshop and eyed the church.

"You're sure you saw torchlight?" Hobmocker asked.

"I said I did, didn't I?" Gerrin grumbled back.

"Let's head there then. Even if it isn't Erron and Turk'en and Jade, at the very least it may be someone with food or clean water," Aldion stated.

The trio moved down quietly from the roof and walked to the middle of the street. None of the aimlessly wandering undead had taken notice yet and they slowly and quietly crept toward their destination.

"Do ya think, if you got close enough you could poke one before they attacked?" Hobmocker whispered.

"I'll poke you, ya little runt," Gerrin whispered back in harsh tones.

"Stay quiet," Aldion said glancing back at the others, "if we stay quiet and aren't noticed then--"

Aldion walked right into one of the undead.

It fell backwards slightly and slowly looked up from the ground at the trio. It let out a horrid yell at Aldion and rushed. The other undead in the area turned toward the trio as well.

"RUN!" Aldion shouted, swinging his scythe and missing the zombie.

They all three split up, hoping to confuse the zombies. Some chased Aldion back toward the workshop. Others chased Gerrin toward a stable. And a few more chased Hobmocker toward an old barn.

"This isn't working!" Hobmocker yelled, spinning and throwing a dagger missing his target.

Aldion jumped onto an over-turned wagon and jumped again grabbing the rain-gutter on the top of the porch roof of the wagon workshop. he pulled himself up and spun. One of the undead, who seemed to have once been an elderly woman, scrambled up after him. Aldion kicked her hard in the face sending her back to the ground.

"Run for the church! We can barricade inside!" Aldion screamed and jumped from his perch.

All three ran in the direction of the church, now with a pack of undead right behind them.

"GO! GO! GO!" Gerrin shouted.

Aldion was the first up the wide steps of the church and slammed his shoulder into the double doors, busting them down off the hinges. Gerrin and Hobmocker followed and landed on top of the black haired elf.

The undead grew closer.

Aldion glanced up and saw Turk'en and Erron on the stage with Civil Agents all around.

"Oh shit."

Chapter 6
The First to Fall

Aldion saw Jade, the Civil Agents, Erron and Turk'en.

"What the hell is going on?" he asked, completely baffled.

"No time for questions! Move!" Gerrin yelled grabbing Aldion by the collar and dragging him from the floor. A zombie crashed where Aldion had lay and tons more poured in from behind.

"GO!" Hobmocker yelled running toward the stage.

Chaos erupted in the church. Turk'en kicked out, hitting Red in the stomach, and spun smacking Jade in the face with the shovel.

Hobmocker made it to Erron and pulled out a dagger and began cutting his bonds.

"Sorry we took so long. But you know me and how I love to make a grand entrance," Hobmocker said dropping the sliced cords to the floor.

Erron didn't speak. He hurried to the stone table where his two blades lay as well as his crossbow. He strapped his crossbow to his belt and picked up the swords.

The khopesh swords were his weapon of choice. Erron took off toward the mob of unending zombies.

Hobmocker turned and began cutting Turk'en's bonds.

"Where the hell have you guys been?" Turk'en asked kicking Jade in the stomach as she lay on the floor while Hobmocker dropped the sliced cords to the floor.

"Oh you know, doing some shopping, meeting some girls, the usual," Hobmocker smiled.

Turk'en ran to the stone table, shoving a Civil Agent to the side grabbing Frost-Cutter.

Aldion and Gerrin stood on top of a broken in half pew back to back holding undead at bay as best as possible. Erron joined them, swinging both blades taking the legs away from one undead and as he stepped up onto the pew he swung again taking the head of another.

"There's too many!" Aldion yelled, "And what the hell is going on with all the Civil Agents?"

He then saw Jade grab Hobmocker from behind with both hands on the sides of his head.

"Burn," she said smiling, her eyes and hands glowing a strange orange-red color.

"NO!" Aldion screamed.

"AHHH!" Hobmocker yelled out in pain grasping Jade's hands.

But it was too late. Smoke began pouring from Hobmocker's nose and mouth and his skin on his face began to glow.

"She's killing him!!" Aldion screamed and ran towards Hobmocker.

Turk'en saw what was happening to the riverfolk and swung the axe. However another agent stumbled in the way and took the blow instead of Jade.

Hobmocker fell to the floor but Jade didn't let go.

"HOB!" screamed Aldion in fear, running toward his friend.

An agent tackled Aldion and they slammed into a pew. Aldion was sure he heard something snap in his leg.

"HOB!" he screamed again.

Turk'en was then surrounded by undead, swinging his axe in every direction possible trying to keep them off.

"HOB!" Aldion kept screaming trying to fight away the agent on top of him.

Erron and Gerrin saw what was happening but were surrounded themselves.

Jade finally let go of the halfling.


He lay dead, burnt to death from the inside out.

Jade stood, magical flames surrounding her hands and walked toward Aldion, shoving aside members of her faction setting them ablaze as well.

She grabbed the elf's arm, burning it and pulled him up off of the floor.

Aldion kicked her away but dropped his scythe. The master, Red, hurried and grabbed him from behind.

"So elf, remember our night in Port Skell?" she said giving a crooked smile.

"You insane bitch!" he screamed kicking at her and missing.

"Pity...." she said walking up as Red held him firmly, "And you tasted so yummy too," she finished by licking his lips, "Time to die."

"GRAH!" Aldion yelled in rage leaning forward headbutting Jade in the nose, busting her open. Blood trickled down to her mouth.

"Mmmm....come...see what we've discovered to be true life," she said and leaned in kissing Aldion deeply.

He tasted her blood on her lips and tongue. She slowly moved her hands to his cheeks. He felt himself growing warm and realized he was suffering Hobmocker's fate. She was starting to burn him alive from the inside out.

"AHHHHH!" she screamed in pain and terror.

Aldion pulled his mouth away from her's with her tongue between his teeth. It didn't help matters with Red trying to pull Aldion off.

"PTOO!" Aldion spit her tongue out of his mouth and onto the floor as she fell backward holding her chin as blood poured from her mouth.

"Wha ooo oo muh!?" she mumbled increduously at the fact that her had just torn her tongue out of her mouth with his teeth.

He slammed his head backwards into Red's causing the agent to let go and both fell to the floor.

"Uh uhh ooo!!!" Jade screamed in rage and pain at Aldion, blood pouring freely.

Turk'en knelt beside Hobmocker. The halfling was gone. Turk'en gently closed the eyes of Hobmocker. He had seen so much terror in this world. Far too much for one as innocent as he. He glanced up and saw Erron and Gerrin doing their best and fighting off undead. They wouldn't last much longer. Turk'en lifted Hobmocker's body and gently lay it on the stone table.

"Goodbye my friend," he said softly. He then walked and grabbed a torch from a sconce and set into onto the dead riverfolk's chest.

He then started running and grabbing other torches from more sconce's on the wall and burning other things like old books and rotted wood.

Soon the entire church blazed.

"What the hell are you doing!?" Gerrin yelled seeing Turk'en's actions.

"Giving Hob a proper funeral!" Turk'en yelled back as he moved to set aflame an old drape hanging from a window.

"AYE!" Gerrin shouted, "AND GOING OUT WITH A BANG IS WHAT HE WOULD HAVE WANTED!" the dwarf finished, taking time to pull out a large sack from his backpack.

Across the sack was one word.


Chapter 7
Man Overboard

The Sky Palace fought through the storm and made its way into the sky above Jemeroth.

Captain Hellcat had decided upon a church as their temporary base while the crew searched the abandoned town for supplies. As luck would have it, a large hole was in the roof of the building. A perfect spot for them to not only drop anchor, but also for them to head down into without attracting any undue attention from any wandering zombies.

However her plans were tarnished when she had seen a horde of zombies fighting over one another trying to squeeze into the front doors at the same time.

"What the bloddy hell?" she said confused.

As the boat made it over the roof of the building, Lopex and James and the rest of the crew looked over the side down at the church trying to see what it was the undead were after.

"Stop shoving ye damn fool," James admonished Lopex when Lopex began hugging him. Lopex was a large man Larger than any other in Hellcat's crew. He wa a muscular behemoth that grew excited whenever anyone new was around and for some odd reason the intellectually devoid mute viewed the irritable James as his best friend.

Lopex squeezed James in a huge hug pointing down in the hole at Aldion and the others.

"Stop it ye fekkin' moron! Yer gonna make us both--"


James and Lopex crashed down through the hole in the roof to the floor of the burning church below.

The two were stunned for a moment just as much as everyone else, save for all of the zombies. They viewed their surroundings...

"Ah shite," James said.


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Hunt the Dead #2
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