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 PLAYABLE: Minotaurs

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These beings are one of the strongest people in Nerin Toth. The half-bull half humanoid combination gives them lots of power. They are the dominant creature of Nerin Toth, except for the undead.

For years, minotaurs and dwarves have had a hatred for each other. Minotaurs have taken over the regions of Azerath and Velnraak, however both of those cities are mere shells of their former selves having been nearly abandoned due to the undead plague. Still the Minotaurs of the two cities hold a firm rule.

Minotaurs can look either like bulls or cows, depending on gender, in humanoid form. They walk tall, much taller than some humans; and can be aggressive. The color of their fur and style of their horns are as diverse as cattle.

When compared to anivers or suggested that the two races are related a minotaur will grow very angry and feel insulted at such an accusation.

They are prideful, and believe in honor, but also believe that only the strong survive, and are fans of war and feats of strength.

Minotaur racial abilities:


(all minotaurs are extremely strong able to lift up to 400 pounds)

Charge (all minotaurs with this ability gain an advantage of a fast
strike in combat against an enemy. When charging an enemy a minotaur can hit anyone smaller than them and instantly take them down to the ground).

Prowess (all minotaurs (unless the are missing a limb) are able to wield two handed weapons as if they were one handed weapons.
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PLAYABLE: Minotaurs
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