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PostSubject: PLAYABLE: Humans   PLAYABLE: Humans EmptyMon Jul 12, 2010 11:31 pm


The most common race in Nerin Toth, humans are very simple people. They fit into any place and period. They adapt quickly and have very few benefits as well as very few flaws, besides being “only human”.

Humans, like rivefolk, haven’t had the largest impacts on Nerin Toth’s history until the zombie plague. Humans seem to be strong survivors and even in the plague have adapted. While some cities try to recover and rebuild while the undead still roam, many humans have become have refused to rebuild what they once had and instead have opted to adapt to the new post-apocalyptic way of life.

Humans are relatively average when it comes to size. They aren’t as large as minotaurs but they aren’t tiny like riverfolk. Skin tone, hair, and everything else can vary widely.

Human racial abilities:


Versatile (humans may select one Faction ability as a racial ability).

Rugged (humans are physically very normal, however they are some of the best survivors known. All humans gain the ability to survive for up to one week in the wild without water and/or food).

(while it is difficult for humans to gain entry into cities that don't allow people to enter, humans are far more likely to gain entrance as most cities and towns are human run).
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