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 PLAYABLE: Hellfolk

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Mischievous and lithe, hellfolk make superb assassins. The creatures reject the idea of being a link at all to riverfolk. They’re feared, respected, and watched with cautious eyes. Hellfolk don’t seem bothered by the paranoia they give to others, so long as it doesn’t put them at risk.

Hellfolk and darklings are very similar. Dark, passionate skin tones, neutral and shadowy hair, and sometimes, frightening eyes. They’re short like the riverfolk but carry the same personalities and physical traits of darklings. Only far more wicked.

Hellfolk Racial Abilities:


(all Hellfolk are extremely agile and excel
in acrobatics).

Venom Blood (the blood of a hellfolk is extremely
dangerous and poisonous to all other humanoids. Many hellfolk are often
seen slicing themselves open with their own weapons to poison their
blades, before battle. There are only a few cures known to thwart the
poisonous blood and once a victim has contracted it, death will occur
anywhere from instantly to twelve hours depending on the amount of poison).

Hatebreed *NEGATIVE TRAIT* (all hellfolk are viewed as untrustworthy in Nerin Toth, even by the darklings who are one of the least trusted races).
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PLAYABLE: Hellfolk
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