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 PLAYABLE: Riverfolk

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The riverfolk, also known as halflings, are a short and joyous race. Sometimes considered too joyous, the riverfolk haven’t achieved the status of some of the other races. The small people get overlooked and underestimated all too often. However, there is possibly no race with more heart.

Riverfolk are the racial cousins of the Hellfolk.

Riverfolk are about half the size of a human. They have pointed ears like elves. Their hair can vary in color. Some have bright red hair, some leather brown, or even black. They aren’t the greatest warriors all the time, but they’re sturdy and can be good magic users.

Riverfolk racial abilities:


Agility (all Riverfolk are extremely agile and excel in

Curiosity Killed the Goblin *OPTIONAL* (some riverfolk are horribly curious and all too often don't even realize they're investigating someone else's pockets until the person catches them).

Dwarves and a Wagon Full of Ale (riverfolk are the only race who can out drink dwarves, however this often gets them in more trouble than its worth).

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But Names Will Always Hurt You (able to insult a target so badly the target can do
nothing for 2 turns except claim how shocked they are that they were
insulted so badly. Additionally Riverfolk are excellent marksmen at throwing rocks. Do keep in mind that any and all undead are impervious to a Riverfolk's insults.....but not their rocks).
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PLAYABLE: Riverfolk
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