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The forest people. Lovers of nature and magic. Elves are creatures that are extremely prideful. Some say they’re arrogant. However, elves are extremely nimble and very intelligent. They make great magic users and archers. Elves are tall slender people. They have long pointy ears and tall faces. Their hair can be dark or light colored. They’re very noble, regal people.

Elven racial abilities:


Arcane Light (usable once per day, an elf can summon a small orb of light, effective within a 20 foot area. The orb can dance, follow or take orders to go a certain direction from the elf. However it can easily be shattered by a semi-forceful blow. None the less, it is still an extremely powerful ability to have in a world trapped in night).

Charm Animal (may control a wild or domestic animal for hour. The success rate on this ability is not always absolute, however, and if the elf fails, the animal will become aggressive toward the elf. Additionally, the animal will not do anything to endanger it's own life. This ability allows the elf to charm the animal and request it to do tasks, but it does not mean the animal can verbally (or mentally) communicate with the elf).

Arcane Archer (all elves are granted the ability to imbue an arrow with elemental fire, ice, lighting, elemental earth entangling roots or life draining shadow magic. Some elven wizards and druids are known to imbue staffs with elemental magic. It is forbidden for an elf to do this for someone not of elven blood though, as it is a rare and sacred trait held holy by most elves who show reverence to the elements).
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