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 PLAYABLE: Dwarves

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PostSubject: PLAYABLE: Dwarves   PLAYABLE: Dwarves EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 12:40 am


Dwarves are strong, intelligent, grumpy people. They make great engineers and inventors. They’ve developed the pistol and muskets to battle minotaurs and crafted natural gas stoves. The tinkers and crafters, dwarves excel at all forms of craft; blacksmithing, chemistry, architecture, and so many more.

Dwarves are short and hairy. Men usually wear their hair long, and grow beards as big and proud as they can. Dwarves can very in hair color and tone. They’re short enough that they are sometimes, to their dismay, compared to riverfolk or hellfolk (which they are HIGHLY insulted by and will more than likely fight over).


Improvised Tech (with available items, a dwarf can use its innate crafting skill to make an item of low tech use. Such as a minor trap or crude weapon. Item must be submitted and approved by Game Master. The item is of such low tech that after 24 hours it is bound to malfunction and break or fall apart).

Explosives Expert (with proper materials, a dwarf can make some
form of small explosive device. Device must be approved by GM. Usable
as many times as materials are available. NOTE: All explosives do have a chance of blowing up while being crafted. So be CAREFUL).

Learner's Permit (all dwarves innately know how to operate Sky Ships and use firearms, including cannons).
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