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 PLAYABLE: Darklings

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Beings spawned out of darkness. The dark elves have made their place in Nerin Toth. Their agile bodies and quick minds made them strong opponents. Most darklings keep to their own race. They are very territorial and quick tempered.

Darklings often have black, blue or other dark and shady skin tones, and very often an ashen blue color. Their hair can be white to black, but lack any real colors. Except for these features, many darklings look similar to the elves.

Darklings hail from the Hulderk Mountains, and have a society that believes in only the strong surviving. Very often children are beaten to test their mettle, and infants are starved for a week after birth to weed out the weak from the strong.

Racial Abilities of the Darklings:


Stealth (all darklings are extremely stealthy), Infrared Vision (usable in the dark).

Cloud of Darkness (all darklings gain the ability to cast a cloud of inky black darkness that only they can see in. The cloud dissipates after 60 seconds. This ability can only be used once per day).

Fire Scorch (darklings gain the ability to cause metal to burst into flames. The flames last for 60 seconds before sputtering out and cause a fair amount of damage. The amount of metal is the equivalent of no more than a long sword. They may only use this ability once per week. Additionally all darklings are impervious to Fire Scorch damage).

(able to teleport via shadows within one hundred feet).
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PLAYABLE: Darklings
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