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Founded originally by a druid named Calhera Rainsong, the Naturalists are considered one of the most steadfast factions against the undead.

For ages, the land of Nerin Toth has had a group that dedicated their lives to the world itself and everything in nature. These Naturalists have great and diverse powers they use to defend their members and the cause they all share: nature. This group travels to ensure what they love most stays safe. The land, the nature, the creatures that they share the world with, and all the splendors of the world.

The Naturalists are divided into three hierarchies: the rangers, the shamans, and the druids. All three swear to do everything in their power to protect Nerin Toth's natural world. Using the magics of the earth and the abilities inside themselves, the Naturalists have a strong place in Nerin Toth's past, present, and future.

The majority of naturalists live near Teseron, however naturalists can be found in a host of other places in Nerin Toth. Teserson in particular as well as the village of Ut holds much history in regards to the natural powers of the world dating all the way back to the time of the Pharaoh-Queen (see Hunt the Dead #4).

The rangers are the first hierarchy of the Naturalists. They are very physical and do battle with anyone or anything that threatens their way of life. The rangers also guard and watch over the druids and shamans.

Shamans work to find a balance between their physical and mystical abilities. Inner peace and strength are the shaman's place in the Naturalist faction as they seek to control the spirits of the land.

Druids are the leaders of the Naturalists, who are willing and prepared to die for the sake of protecting the planet and all who dwell on it from the those who would defile it. Especially the undead.

Druids may select two of the following abilities:


Barkflesh (the user of this ability can turn their flesh into living treebark giving anyone who would do them harm a -3 penalty to their roll. This ability may only be used once per day (game time) and only lasts for 10 minutes (game time).

Dust in the Wind (able to turn to dust and float on wind currents once per day (game time). This ability lasts for 30 minutes (game time).

Animalism (the user may polymorph at will into one animal type only (the animal type must be chosen at character creation and may not be changed).

Plant Dominion (the user of this ability may use nearby plants to entangle enemies. The druid may use this ability twice per day (game time) and the vines last for one hour (game time) or until destroyed).

Stoneflesh (the user of this ability can turn their flesh into
living stone forcing those who attack them to suffer a -10 penalty to all attacks. This ability may only be used once per day (game time) and only lasts for 30 seconds (game time).


Heal Minor Wounds (may heal minor wounds twice per hour (game time).

Heal Poisons (my cleanse the body of all poisons. This does NOT apply to zombie infection or Hellfolk blood).

Heal Major Wounds (may heal major, more serious wounds once per day (game time),

Heal All Wounds (completely heals the target of all wounds suffered within the last 24 hours. This does not apply to zombie infection or Hellfolk blood, nor does it replace missing limbs or organs. May be used once per week (game time).


Eclipse of the Sun (the moon of Nerin Toth is odd. While it is always night time in Nerin Toth, the moon still provides enough light (as if it were dusk when it is brightest) to help plants grow, to help people see and live, and to still help keep track of the days of the calendar. However, much like the moon can block out the light of a sun when an eclipse occurs, the druid may for 10 minutes and once per day (game time) extinguish all light in a 10 yard radius.)

Rising of the Tied (much like the changing of a moon can effect the rising and lowering of the tides of a body of water, so too can the druid control water. This power allows the druid to draw moisture from the air to create one gallon of clean drinking water, which also has healing properties that heal severe wounds. This water however does not heal Hellfolk poisoning, dismemberment, or zombie infection. This ability may be used twice per day (game time) The water dissipates the in 24 hours if not used).

Heat of the Light (much like the moon can be bright at times, it would seem druids have learned to harness that light into heat, which, when used against an enemy via touch, can do severe damage. This ability may be used once per day (game time) and the heat lasts for 10 minutes (game time).

Essence of the Wolf (just as werewolves of fairy tales are known to come out when a full moon rises, the druid may take on the shape of a ghost wolf. Completely intangible, the druid may not harm others while in this form, but also takes no damage either...much like a ghost. The druid has heighten sense like that of a wolf while in the form. The ability lasts for one hour (game time) and may be used as often as the druid wishes provided they have been given one hour (game time) to rest since their previous transformation).
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Naturalist: Druid
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