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 Rogue: Black Doves

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*Black Doves*

The Black Doves thieves guild is one of the most notorious guilds in all of Nerin Toth. They are quite possibly one of the most infamous guilds known. They have no problems going to war against other guilds and have rivalries with all of them, due to territory issues.

Almonous Everett

Founded by Almonous Everett, the guild initially began as a bakery in Medrath as a means for Almonous to retrieve moneys owed to him from customers, who upon good faith, never paid their debts. Almonous hired out to thugs and criminals, promising them a room to stay in, over his shop in a loft, for one month, if they acted as his muscle to deal with those who owed him.

Eventually Almonous soon realized many of the men her hired were thieves, yet each one was respectful and gracious enough to Almonous for hiring him, that none ever stole from him. Almonous soon understood that by charging those who owed him, interest, that he would not only receive the money owed to him, but would also receive payment enough to cover the hiring of his would be thugs. Later, Almonous decided to close down the bakery and put the criminals' talents to use. He expanded the building his bakery was in and provided a home to all criminals as long as they gave their spoils to the guild. By doing so, each criminal was given an equal share in the guild's earnings that month. Which meant no one went hungry, everyone had a roof over their head, and all made a profit.

Years later Almonous was killed in a knife fight with one of the criminals who soon after, took leadership of the guild.

Terrace el Tomath

Terrace el Tomath was cousin to a few Knights of Tomath but chose darker roads to travel than his kin. He had first sat in prison in Peregren for the rape of a young woman, and then spent time in the prison later for the murder of two noblemen as well. Eventually Terrace had escaped prison and fled to Medrath where he met Almonous. He was one of the first to join the Black Doves Thieves Guild, and eventually became the man who murdered Almonous and took control of the guild.

Later Terrace would die of rubella but not before having three sons, two of which became farmers in Medrath, and one whom followed in his footsteps.

Chevre' el Tomath

Chevre' el Tomath's father was the son of Terrace el Tomath, who at one time led the Black Doves Guild. Terrace's son, Gandell died shortly after the birth of his daughter Chevre' in a vicious quarrel with his fiancee', Mariam Elhathon. Mariam was charged with the murder of Gandell and executed. Chevre' ended up as an orphan of the guild and soon rose in it's ranks to become the leader. Chevre' is a beautiful young woman, with long blond hair, startling blue eyes, and a small nose, with full lips. Her amazing beautiful looks helped her move through the ranks, as she was able to bring in ridiculous amounts of gold to the guild, by what some would say, undignified actions of one who should be a lady.

Chevre' now acts as the Guild Leader, and while the guild has smaller branches all around Nerin Toth (many of which war with each other, but will still unite to fight a common enemy), the primary headquarters still remains in Medrath in a former bakery.


All those who would wish to join the ranks of the Black Tulip Guild must enter the guild as Saplings. All saplings begin their training and must prove themselves in a series of tests in the underground lair below the bakery in Medrath. The candidate must have a representative member of the guild, who is in good standing, present them to their branch leader.

Members of the faction receive the all of the following abilities:


Ghost (able to blend into shadows with a fair chance of not being
seen. Must stay in shadows for this ability to remain in effect. This
is NOT true invisibility. If the user leaves their surroundings they
will become visible once again).

Veiled (the user has learned the art of shape change from demons at
some point and may alter their physical appearance to one of someone of
the same height and weight. This ability may only be used once per day (game time). Changing back to their original appearance does not count as the users once per day allotment).

Wraith (the user is able to take on a ghost like form for 30 seconds, becoming completely intangible, and somewhat see through. The ability may only be used once per day (game time).


*Note: The bonuses from this ability may not be stacked with bonuses from other abilities.

*Note: Only one who holds a higher station may train a thief to move up to the next level. All Black Doves start at Level 1 unless prior approval is gained from the DM.

* Level 1 - Vigor (trained to use strength in a battle, vigor allows the user to add a +1 bonus to all attack rolls).

* Level 2 - Might (trained to use strength in a battle, might allows the user to add a +2 bonus to all attack rolls).

* Level 3 - Rapidity (able to move at astonishing speeds of up to 40 miles per hour).

* Level 4 - Throttle (able to move at incredible speeds, allowing the user to up to 50 miles per hour).

Additionally Black Dove members receive the following:


All Black Doves receive the Riverfolk ability of Agility. Riverfolk members gain the mercenary ability of Luck.

Only Back Doves thieves may gain access to the city of Medrath. All other thieves will be chased out of the city or killed.
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Rogue: Black Doves
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