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 Rogue: Pirate's League

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*Pirates League*

It's not baseball, its not soccer, its not a sport... unless you consider looting, sailing, flying, fighting, stealing, and not-so-chivalrous activity a sport. The Pirates League is the only faction for those open sea and/or air loving rogues. While it is not a specific rule that you must join the League if you wish to venture into piracy, it is often most beneficial. It seems to ward off more pain on your part if you join.

It is a mystery to when the Pirates League first appeared. Sailors and dock crew have argued for decades about the time and date, and who was the first member. Of course, almost every sea or air captain swears they are the direct descendant of that first pirate. Of course, the history of the League only adds to the myth and lore about pirates.

The League has its own set of codes and "rules" to follow. However, pirates being rogues seem to take these rules into account only when it suits them best. While the majority of pirates are members of the League, that does not mean faction-mates are not immune from each others' treachery. No honor among thieves is a bold face lie. There is certainly honor in the Pirates League. It just isn't as visible while you're being robbed is all.

Pirates tend to run Port Skell, although there are other factions that frequent this rough and dirty port city. Port Io has, for many years, been controlled by the Knights of Tomath, however recently, Pirates have begun to turn Port Io into a replica of Port Skell, with many bars, brothels, gambling taverns, prostitution, fights, drinking games, and reckless abandon. While it isn't as rough of a city as Port Skell, Port Io is quickly becoming the pirates second home. Many ships, both air and sea, can be found in the waterways of Parr Bay.

The Knights of Tomath and the Riders of Riddik both, have begun to take to the sea and air to bring a halt to the pirates, but to say it's a difficult task is a huge understatement.

Not all who sail the sea or skies are pirates, Knights of Tomath or Riders of Riddik. Many are just vagabonds or nomads. And not all pirates work together as it's often known of one ship to attack another, just to get ahead.

All pirates, regardless if they are a part of the faction or not receives one of the following abilities:


Heal Minor Wounds (may heal minor wounds twice per hour (game time).

Heal Poisons (my cleanse the body of all poisons. This does NOT apply to zombie infection or Hellfolk blood).

Heal Major Wounds (may heal major, more serious wounds once per day (game time),

Heal All Wounds (completely heals the target of all wounds suffered within the last 24 hours. This does not apply to zombie infection or Hellfolk blood, nor does it replace missing limbs or organs. may be used once per week (game time).


Ghost (able to blend into shadows with a fair chance of not being
seen. Must stay in shadows for this ability to remain in effect. This
is NOT true invisibility. If the user leaves their surroundings they
will become visible once again).

Veiled (the user has learned the art of shape change from demons at
some point and may alter their physical appearance to one of someone of
the same height and weight. This ability may only be used once per day (game time). Changing back to their original appearance does not count as the users once per day allotment).

Wraith (the user is able to take on a ghost like form for 30 seconds, becoming completely intangible, and somewhat see through. The ability may only be used once per day (game time).

Additionally all pirates reeive one of the two following abilities.


All pirates receive the Riverfolk ability of Agility. Riverfolk pirates gain the mercenary ability of Luck.


In order for a pirate to obtain their own ship they must find their own way to secure one. However all pirates start with the knowledge of how to work on both a sky ship and air ship. Additionally all pirates start with a small two man scooner or one man air-copter run on steam power.

Additionally all pirates start with the ability to use a cutlass or flintlock pistol and receive a +1 to all attacks with these weapons (even if they do not choose these weapons at character creation).

Only faction pirates are welcome in Port Skell. All other pirates are banned from the city, so if one chooses to play a pirate and venture into the city, they must tread very carefully.

Only faction pirates may choose one of the following three benefits:

First-Mate (the first mate (who is controlled solely by the DM) will fight, defend, and even kill for their Captain. They are loyal until the end, provided the Captain treats them well. If the Captain treats them well, the First-Mate will go into Mutiny mode and abandon their Captain to seek out a new one.)

Animal Companion (a pirate may automatically start with an animal companion of a monkey, rat, or parrot. The animal companion will defend the Pirate, but is also known to randomly cause confusion and chaos for the pirate as well. Pirates can innately understand their animal companion, and their animal companion can understand them, but no one else can understand the animal and the animal can't understand anyone else.)

Booty (a pirate may start out with Booty. The treasure they own can be anywhere the pirate chooses, be it on their ship, or buried somewhere, or locked in a safe somewhere. While the majority of cities do not care for gold or jewels, if the pirate can find one who is willing to accept their Booty as currency, the pirate would be incredibly rich.)

Pirate Curse

All pirates, receive one of the following drawbacks (although they are allowed to choose more than one, they still only receive the abilities and benefits as pirates who choose just one).

Peg Leg (At one time the pirate encountered something in their travels, forcing them to have their leg removed just below the knee, causing them to replace the leg with a wooden peg. More wealthy pirates are known to acquire steel or iron peg legs.)

Hook (At one time the pirate encountered something in their travels, forcing them to have their hand removed and replaced with a metal hook. More wealthy pirates are known to have their hook replaced with a modified pistol or even a blade.)

Eye Patch (At one time the pirate encountered something in their travels, which caused them to lose an eye and have to cover the wound with an eye patch. More wealthy pirates are known to hide a gem of great value in their empty eye socket. A gem of such value, it could be used to purchase a new ship if need be (if one can find someone willing to accept the gem as currency.)

YARG!! (The pirate has been on the sea (or in the sky) for so long, they can't help but speak in pirate dialect. They aren't able to hide this from Knights who may capture them or anyone else, and any who hear their dialect instantly know they are a pirate. More wealthy pirates are known to be able to hire a linguist to teach them how to speak properly if the need were to ever arise (i.e, during an interrogation.)
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Rogue: Pirate's League
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