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 Wizard: Civil Agents

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Civil Agents of the Fallen

Civil Agents of The Fallen are one of the most secretive and feared groups in Nerin Toth.

When zombie plague occurred, there was one small sect Knights of Tomath who chose to leave the knighthood. They chose to form their own secret society, The Civil Agents of The Fallen. A group dedicated to believing "the gods" had abandoned Nerin Toth. However, this group was a cult. They were mad. They believed "the gods" didn't leave because they felt the world was lost forever...no they believed "the gods" left the world to them! The only way to stop the vile undead, would be to take away that which is their food, and those who would possibly join their ranks...they became cannibals. They are not undead. They are worse than undead. They are living people who choose to eat flesh. They can think, plot, plan and develop means to bring entire cities under their domain.

Civil Agents train constantly, and are some of the most dangerous fighters known. They use rituals to empower themselves, further their agendas, and to bring down their enemies. They use dark sorcery to heal one another and to harm their enemies. A type of magic no one else has known since zombie plague began.

Civil Agents are hated by everyone, but they do not return that hate. They love everyone. They want everyone to be at peace. Or in pieces.

Led by Bishop de Luc, the Civil Agents are very wide spread among all of Nerin Toth and control many politicians from the dark and shadowy corners. The city of Dead Town is politically controlled by the Civil Agents of the Fallen.

Civil Agents of the Blood

While Vampires do not truly exist in Nerin Toth, there are a small select group of Civil Agents who have made a home for themselves in the sewers of Jemeroth, in the Western Province of Nerin Toth, who have tried to leave the addicting ways of the Civil Agents of the Fallen. While they no longer consume the flesh of the living for odd fanatical religious reasons, they are still addicted to fresh blood.

The do not have fangs, sunlight does not bother them, and they can be killed just like anyone else. However they are still addicted to drinking blood just like the mythical vampire. True vampires do not exist in Hunt the Dead, but this small sect of Civil Agents is a close resemblance.

Originally founded a few months after the zombie plague began, A group of Civil Agents in Port Skell found itself divided, between those who would continue to follow their original cannibalistic ways and those who wouldn't and had lost faith in the organization's ways.

A bloody battle ensued and the rebellious group fled to the abandoned city of Jemeroth where they set up base.

After days of refusing to eat the flesh of other living humans, elves and dwarves, the group found themselves horribly ill.

They traveled to the city of Alameir and kidnapped three young boys from a farm. At first when they began to feast they felt their illness pass and stopped. They soon realized that the boys' blood was enough to satisfy their hunger.

The group has remained in Jemeroth ever since, only traveling out of the sewers of the abandoned town to find more victims.

Civil Agents of the Fallen, hate Civil Agents of the Blood and believe them to be traitors and not worthy of being devoured. Instead they are to be killed on site and their bodies burnt.

Each Civil Agents receives two of the following abilities:

VITAE (*Blood Faction Only*)

*Note: Only Blood Wizards and Civil Agents of the Blood practice Vitae. If anyone else is known of practicing this ability, these factions will hunt down
and attempt to kill the user (ESPECIALLY if they are Hellfolk not a
part of these factions). Unaligned may start with this ability, but are
allowed to learn it if they find someone willing to teach them. Humans may not choose this ability as part of their SURVIVAL: Versatile ability).

Healing the Blood (able to use blood as a healing potion to cure minor wounds and afflictions. This ability may be used once per hour (game time). This ability does NOT cure the zombie plague).

Road of Blood (able to teleport via blood. The user "dives" into a
target (a person or animal) and "dives" out of another, teleporting via
their blood. The targets do not suffer damage but are left quite
startled. The "entry" target and "exit" target for teleporting purposes must be with in twenty feet of each other).

Boil the Blood (able to literally cook a targets blood via skin to skin contact. This ability ignores all armor, enchantments, and protections offered by outside sources and is deadly if used for three turns).

HEALING (*Fallen Faction Only*)

Heal Minor Wounds (may heal minor wounds twice per hour (game time).

Heal Poisons (my cleanse the body of all poisons. This does NOT apply to zombie infection or Hellfolk blood).

Heal Major Wounds (may heal major, more serious wounds once per day (game time),

Heal All Wounds (completely heals the target of all wounds suffered within the last 24 hours. This does not apply to zombie infection or Hellfolk blood, nor does it replace missing limbs or organs. may be used once per week (game time).


Hellfire (able to shoot blasts of hellfire from the hands dealing major damage. Can only be used once per day (game time).

Shadow Control (able to control shadows using them as 4 black inky
tendrils to grapple opponents. Breaking the grasp of the tendrils is a simple action, but only one tendril's grasp may be broken per turn). Can only be used once per day (game time).

Hellhound (able to summon a 6 foot tall, 1000 pound hound of hell
from hell itself as a mount. The mount can travel up to 50 miles per
hour and stays summoned for 4 hours (game time). The mount may only be
summoned once per week (game time) and will not fight, nor defend it's master. It is only a mount. If attacked, the hellhound vanishes back to hell.)


Ghost (able to blend into shadows with a fair chance of not being
seen. Must stay in shadows for this ability to remain in effect. This
is NOT true invisibility. If the user leaves their surroundings they
will become visible once again).

Veiled (the user has learned the art of shape change from demons at
some point and may alter their physical appearance to one of someone of
the same height and weight. This ability may only be used once per day (game time). Changing back to their original appearance does not count as the users once per day allotment).

Wraith (the user is able to take on a ghost like form for 30 seconds, becoming completely intangible, and somewhat see through. The ability may only be used once per day (game time).
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Wizard: Civil Agents
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