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 Wizard: Blood Mages

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*Blood Wizards*

There are many of those who are able to cast arcane magical spells in Nerin Toth. However there is a select group, that all other spell casters abhor and are taught to kill on site should they discover them. The Blood Wizards. Those who learn the magical school of Blood and it's spells are hunted everywhere they go by other wizards. They are considered an ugly scar on the world of magic and are viewed as renegades, as they participate in magic that is viewed as being not just evil, but immoral, and against everything spell casters are taught to use. Blood Wizards are not necessarily evil. Other wizards are just taught to believe so. Blood Wizards can be viewed as good too. However, anyone caught assisting a Blood Wizard is frowned upon, and hunted as well.

Blood Wizards do not use weapons other than daggers or quarterstaffs except in rare occasions.

None know of who founded and none know who leads the Blood Wizards. Not even the Blood Wizards, as it has been a secret that has been lost to time.

Blood Wizards learn the following ability spells automatically (*note: anyone caught using the Vitae Ability are automatically considered a just as evil by the Tothian Mage Guild):


*Note: Only Blood Wizards and Civil Agents of the Blood practice Vitae. If anyone else is known of practicing this ability, these factions will hunt down
and attempt to kill the user (ESPECIALLY if they are Hellfolk not a
part of these factions). Unaligned may start with this ability, but are
allowed to learn it if they find someone willing to teach them. Humans may not choose this ability as part of their SURVIVAL: Versatile ability).

Healing the Blood (able to use blood as a healing potion to cure minor wounds and afflictions. This ability may be used once per hour (game time). This ability does NOT cure the zombie plague).

Road of Blood (able to teleport via blood. The user "dives" into a
target (a person or animal) and "dives" out of another, teleporting via
their blood. The targets do not suffer damage but are left quite
startled. The "entry" target and "exit" target for teleporting purposes must be with in twenty feet of each other).

Boil the Blood (able to literally cook a targets blood via skin to skin contact. This ability ignores all armor, enchantments, and protections offered by outside sources and is deadly if used for three turns).


When increasing in level in Arcane, the player may choose to go to the next
level or may choose to learn a another spell from their current level (for example a player who already knows "Quickness" could choose to learn when taught by someone, the spell "Slick" or move to the next level. They may not however do both.)

The player may NOT learn the next level until taught through role-playing by one who knows the next level. Additionally Tothian Mages must seek permission from a Bishop to advance to the next level.

* Level 1 - Beginner - (the user may choose one of the following abilities:
Quickness (able to move at fast speeds up to 30 miles per hour for ten seconds game time); Slick (able to make black oil appear under the target
causing them to slip and fall for 1 turn).

* Level 2 - Learned - (the user may choose one of the following abilities:
Metamorph (able to shape change an inanimate object into a different
inanimate object. The object may be no larger than 1 foot by 1 foot and reverts to its original form after thirty minutes of game time); Pyromaniac (able to manipulate fire, by causing it to move. The fire may not be anymore than what would cover a 3 square foot area by a 3 square foot area. This may only be none with natural fire and not supernatural fire. Additionally the user may shoot small fireballs that do moderate damage); Clairvoyance (able to glance into the future to see a hint of things that MIGHT happen. This does not necessarily mean these events will. The user of the spell must be given the information privately by the DM of the thread).

* Level 3 - Intermediate - (the user may choose one of the following abilities:
Spider-Walk (able to walk on walls and ceiling as easily as a spider. Spell lasts 10 minutes game time); Telekenisis (able to move up to 50 pounds with the power of the mind. Spell lasts 3 minutes game time); Ice Armor (able to create armor made of ice that is as strong as chainmail. The armor lasts for one hour game time.)

* Level 4 - Advanced - (the user may choose one of the following abilities:
Teleport (may teleport anywhere within 100 yards. Target location MUST
be visible to the user before teleporting.); Flight (able to fly at the
same speed as running on the ground for up to 1 hour game time); Wall of Element (able to createa wall of fire, ice, earth or water that is 50 feet high and 10 feet thick and 100 feet wide. Any attacker must take 3 turns to break
through the wall. The wall exists for one hour game time.)

* Level 5 - Master - (the user may choose one of the following abilities: Greater Teleport (this spell is just like Teleport but line of sight in not needed and can be used for a range of up to one mile); Greater Flight (this spell is just like Flight but there is no length of time on how long it lasts. The user
may use Flight as often or as little as they wish) Greater Metamorph
(able to polymorph any inanimate object regardless of size, as long as
it is changed into an object of similar size. The transormation is permanent but can have unpredictable results as determined by the DM); Elemental Blast (able to blast an opponent with fire, ice, water, or lightning dealing potentially deadly damage).

ALL spells may be used once per day game time.

ALL Blood Wizards may choose to replace the Ability of Arcane with the first level ability of Childlike, Agility, at character creation and be immune to the normal weapons restrictions of the Blood Mage faction. Blood Mages who do this do NOT know the other aspects of the Childlike ability, other than Agility.
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Wizard: Blood Mages
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