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 Warrior: Vexation

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Vexation is just one of many mercenary groups in Nerin Toth.

All mercenary groups have the same core principals. Fighting, protecting, escorting, hunting, ect. for bartered goods.

Most mercenary groups don't bother to dirty their hands with violence unless it will protect themselves, serves as a form of entertainment, or will provide some sort of payment.

Various mercenary groups can be found in a variety of cities in Nerin Toth such as The Animus of Port Skell, Bravo Tigers of Greyshore, The Reavers of Port Io, and Vexation of Teseron as well as a variety of others.

Most mercenary groups don't mind if another group is in their area, but none take kindly to having potential work stolen from them.

There are also solo mercenaries in Nerin Toth called "The Lost", and are usually left alone by other mercenary groups as long as they aren't stealing work or payment from them. However these solo mercenaries have no back up in a fight with others and don't often last alone outside of cities.

Vexation, as well other mercenaries may choose three of the following abilities.

Luck (able to find a simple, normal weapon to use at all times, while in a city, with a +1 attack bonus, be it a sword, ax, or even a table leg. Normal weapons already owned by the mercenary do not receive this bonus. may be used once per day (game time).

Tracking (able to track a target they have been hired by a third party to capture or kill for 24 hours (game time) and not lose the trail. Usable once per week (game time).

Capturing (the mercenary receives a +4 on all attacks against their target if they've been hired by a third party to capture or kill a target).

Scavenge (if in the wild, outside of cities, or if in abandoned cities, the mercenary can find the essential items needed for survival for up to one week).

Brawler (if in a bar fight, the mercenary gains a +1 to all attacks).

Haggler (mercenaries have a 50% chance of haggling a price down by 50%. This ability is usable once per day).

Runner (mercenaries do not tire from running. They do not have abnormal speeds unless it is something offered by a different ability, but they do not tire at all.)

Insomniac (mercenaries only need one hour of sleep to feel refreshed).

Loose-Cannon (if a mercenary attacks first in a battle they receive a +1 to all attacks. This ability stacks with other abilities that offer bonuses).
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Warrior: Vexation
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