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 (All New HtD RP Thread!) RED! RED! RED!

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(All New HtD RP Thread!) RED! RED! RED! - Page 6 Empty
PostSubject: Re: (All New HtD RP Thread!) RED! RED! RED!   (All New HtD RP Thread!) RED! RED! RED! - Page 6 EmptyFri Jun 18, 2010 7:01 pm

Briarfang looked down both ends of the hall. He was certain he heard a scream from this hallway. He looked on the ceiling and the floor for anything. His feline eyes stopped a huddled mass of black. He knelt down. It appeared to be moving, quivering almost.

"What was that?"

Briarfang heard the tiniest voice, and almost dismissed it. He'd never seen such a tiny human.
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(All New HtD RP Thread!) RED! RED! RED! - Page 6 Empty
PostSubject: Re: (All New HtD RP Thread!) RED! RED! RED!   (All New HtD RP Thread!) RED! RED! RED! - Page 6 EmptyFri Jun 18, 2010 7:11 pm

"Sorry-," said the minotaur, stunned. The pain and spasms stopped. He felt... fine, but fatigued.

"Sorry I startled you, fellow elf. I don't- What got me?"

The minotaur was able to pick himself up. He looked at his black fur. He rubbed his head, wondering what he was afflicted with.

He looked at the woman and the elf. He visibly shook, unraveled by what just occurred.

"Leif," he said, holding out a minotaur's hand to the woman.
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(All New HtD RP Thread!) RED! RED! RED! - Page 6 Empty
PostSubject: Re: (All New HtD RP Thread!) RED! RED! RED!   (All New HtD RP Thread!) RED! RED! RED! - Page 6 EmptyWed Jun 23, 2010 7:00 am

The elf tries and barely gets the minotaur off the floor and into a nearby chair, Punky offering moral support from his perch on Aldion's shoulder. With a grunt of exertion, he gets the minotaur settled.

"Well, my bovine friend, are you normally susceptible to these sort of spasms?" The elf asks, still scanning the room somewhat uneasily. Punky squawks, offended at not being intoduced. "My apologies, the irate primate is Punky, he's.... he's different."

Punky nods and Moos
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(All New HtD RP Thread!) RED! RED! RED! - Page 6 Empty
PostSubject: Re: (All New HtD RP Thread!) RED! RED! RED!   (All New HtD RP Thread!) RED! RED! RED! - Page 6 EmptyThu Jun 24, 2010 6:22 pm

Lucian awoke, He was very confused and not sure what was going on. The first thing he Noticed was Red, It was like a blanket in the sky and fog at the ground.

He was very puzzled there was a roaring fire, with warmth and soothing crackle that sat in the middle of this temporary but well built campsite. He stood and clothed himself. He placed a his black leather pants on with slight metal and leather protection he was bare chested. But he placed a soft black cloth jacket that sat rather low upon his waist but equally covered his arms and had button clasps that he attached due to the breeze that slightly chilled his skin.

He put his weapon belt on composing of a longsword, short dagger and slightly curved short sword. He had slightly rough scruffy beard. More or less like 5'o clock shadow but a little more hair then that. His brown hair was slightly curvy and fell neatly upon his shoulders.

There was slight purr noise as he snapped around his eye's meeting that of a lion's. He reached for his sword when the Lion and sat down next to him. Another thing he noticed was he couldn't remember a thing.

Suddenly he clasped his head in great pain as he fell upon his knee's. Thought's swirled about his head like the ocean in fierce storm. He remembered a wolf like beast, but that soon molded in to his thoughts of him remembering the day's when he was a werewolf. He remembered his wife and his child murdering them both as they became undead. He remembered a group of men helping him one who's name started with an E the other a B and the last a T.

"Think, think, THINK!" He said to himself.

"Erron, Browden, and Turken."

He remembered bit's and pieces of fights and encounter's with people he felt his ribs that were always a little sore from a playful wrestling match between Browden and Lucian. He remembered a great battle atop a ship and slaying many a foe. He remembered being swallowed by a dragon twice. And entering place that some called the hellhole.

So here he was with his companion male lion Eltma. His weapons his clothes and everything else he had, in the middle of know were. He dosed the fire with a bucket of water and gathered his belongings he clicked his tongue at that of the lion as he obeyed and came to his side.

"What, what am I doing here?" Lucian questioned himself.

Lucian followed this trail for some time. Just as he took a rest against a tree. He heard a noise that of air passing over head in large mass. He looked up seeing a ship that looked similar to the one he fought on.

He continued along the trail making his way into a city. The guard demanded his traded for entrance so Lucian gave him one of his dagger's and entered. Upon entry he saw a man, this man had a nose around his neck. It appears that he just broke free. Lucian couldn't stand to see the man sit there like that, as much as he wanted to keep walking he only would have felt guilty later. He walked up to the man and cut the rope from his neck and cut the ropes from his hands he then sat next to him on one knee and slipped his hand under the man's back supporting him up.

"What's you na-" He stopped horrified mid-sentence.

Soon finding out the man was Erron who helped Lucian in predicament like this so many years ago. Lucian immediately heaved Erron into his arms and carried him leaning him against the tree he hung from seconds ago.

"Erron, my friend, you must explain to me what is going on. I awoke and I can only remember certain things people and events that's it! it's like part of my life has been sucked away." Lucian asked Erron.

It began to rain and Lucian could see Erron, wasn't in the best of condition's he put a robe around the injured man and helped him in his feet.

"Lead the way." He said to him.
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(All New HtD RP Thread!) RED! RED! RED! - Page 6 Empty
PostSubject: Re: (All New HtD RP Thread!) RED! RED! RED!   (All New HtD RP Thread!) RED! RED! RED! - Page 6 EmptyFri Jun 25, 2010 9:36 pm

The Goddess looked down upon the land of Nerin Toth. Finally she would have her revenge. The mists were what would provide her with the power she would need. She would finally destroy this world.....

Lucian helped Erron to his feet. The strange woman stood close.

The Goddess came from the sky.

Kyria's eyes burned as she watched what she knew to be true, from the ship. She saw her spiritual self, the Goddess of Vengeance, ascend from the dark red sky.

"VENGEANCE IS MINE!" the Goddess shouted.

Kyria knew then who Jade and Trinity were. She knew it all.

Leif convulsed and fell to the floor of the ship foaming from the mouth.

"WHAT'S HAPPENING!?" Browden shouted as the ind picked up to Hurricane like levels.

"The end of the world....." Captain Hellcat shouted.

The Goddess landed softly on the ground, red mists swirling all around her.


A whistle could be heard.

No....not a whistle. An arrow.

The arrow hit an invisible field of red mist around the Goddess.

"Didn't we kill you once?" the voice shouted.

Erron turned and saw Turk'en standing with a shortbow in one hand and a wolf next to him.


"Is anyone as confused as I am?" Lucian asked.

"You have no idea," said the strange woman.

Red mists swirled. If one looked into them they could see the spirits of all who had ever died on Nerin Toth,

"I WILL HAVE MY VENGEANCE!!!!" The Goddess screamed.

Turk'en rushed to Erron's side. He hadn't seen his friend since the red mists first came. The last he had known.....

Erron hung from that tree for a long time.

Long enough....

Long enough....

Long enough for an aswer to finally be given to Turk'en.

Had Erron been bitten before the mists came.

Erron turned and looked at Turk'en, with tears in his eyes.

"Don't let Leif and Aldion do anything stupid," he said.

"What?" Turk'en asked confused. "Erron wait. No. OH GOD NO!!!!" Turk'en had learned his answer.

Erron jumped to his feet. Red mists swirled like a hurricane sending the Sky Palace tumbling through the sky and causing bodies to fall overboard.

"ERRON!" Turk'en screamed.

Leif stopped convulsing, and memories flooded back to the elf.

"Elf?" Leif said confused. He looked at his hands. He was an elf again. "What the hell?" He remembered EVERYTHING.

"Kyria..."Leif whispered.

Kyria watched Erron rush toward the Goddess.

"NO!" Turk'en screamed.

"Damn it no!" Kyria shouted. She also knew the truth now.

Kyria reached for a crossbow and aimed.

"I don't think so," said Aldion.

Aldion grabbed Kyria from behind. She spun on him hitting him in the face with the bow sending him overboard and saw her next attacker rush her.

"Please," she said smiling and fired.

Browden fell dead, an arrow between his eyes.

Aldion continued to fall through the sky to his death.

Leif saw it all.

"No! NO!!!!" he shouted diving off of the ship toward his friend.

Popurum ran toward Browden, as did James and Lopex and Bone Jack.


All four fell dead. Kyria turned back to aiming at Erron.

Darian saw the wheel of the ship spinning out of control as the ship fell. He had only one chance to right the ship before it was too late.

Kyria aimed.

"I don't think so."


Kyria stared down in shock.

Darian righted the ship, grasping the wheel and feeling force of it yank his elbow out of socket.

Kyria saw the bade protruding from her stomach. Her blood poured.

She fell dead.

"This is my bloody ship, bitch," Captain Hellcat said as she stood over Kyria's corpse.

"NO!" The Goddess shouted staring up at the ship in anger knowing her avatar had been killed.

"Yessssss...." Erron mumbled and dove onto the Goddess.

"NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Turk'en screamed.

"I'VE GOT YOU!' Leif shouted to Aldion grasping his friend as he fell through the air with his talons.

"Leif?" Aldion said in shock.

"ERRON STOP!!!!" Turk'en screamed pleading with what was once his friend.

Erron didn't. He couldn't. It was in his nature. He was undead. He bit down deep into the forehead of the Goddess ripping out a part of her brain, killing her.

The mists swirled into the dead corpse of the Goddess and vanished forever.

All across Nerin Toth all undead fell everywhere. Defeated.

The plague was cured. The curse of Erron's blood, the same blood that created the mists, Erron used to end it all. The mists...the cursed blood was what created it all. And now it was all gone.

The zombie plague was over.

Darian and Hellcat brought the ship down and made their way to the strange woman, Turk'en, and Lucian.

Aldion and Leif, who was in the form of a falcon, landed. Leif, feeling the full force of nature like druid powers shape shifted back to an elf.

"It's over." Leif said.

Turk'en walked to where Erron and the Goddess lay unmoving.

"No...." Turk'en whispered.


He shot Erron in the head with his bow.

"Now it's over."

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(All New HtD RP Thread!) RED! RED! RED! - Page 6 Empty
PostSubject: Re: (All New HtD RP Thread!) RED! RED! RED!   (All New HtD RP Thread!) RED! RED! RED! - Page 6 Empty

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(All New HtD RP Thread!) RED! RED! RED!
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