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 Role-Playing Rules

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PostSubject: Role-Playing Rules   Role-Playing Rules EmptyFri Jul 09, 2010 9:18 pm

The following is a great set of rules, originally written by Nick Wade over on the Oerin forums. The Hunt the Dead forums use the same rules, and so I've taken the liberty to copy what Nick has written (thanks so much Nick). Please read them and adhere to them and definitely check out the Oerin forums. They're a really great place to check out!


There are so many different types of role-playing anymore. The internet itself has created so many different way to game. Here on this site however, we play using a style called "Play by Post".

What is play by post (PbP)? Play by post is where you post your character's actions, discussions, and behaviors in a comment box, similar to Myspace or in emails. However, everyone and anyone that's part of these forums can see what you post. When they read what your character does, say, etc.; they give a reply that details what their character does. That character might interact with your character or may be doing something else entirely.

If that description doesn't answer your question(s), please private message (PM) someone. The game master (GM), a mod, or myself will be happy to assist. If it sounds too complicated, feel free to talk to someone. It's much easier than it sounds.

If you think you are interested, please look at these tips on gaming and gaming etiquette (keep in mind, the game master may change these rules to affect their game's story):

> God Moding: "My character jumps off the ten story building and cuts through a thousand soldier army!"

...No he doesn't. Performing magic, and other great and marvelous tasks as a hero is one thing; doing the unrealistic is another. Try to keep in mind your character is subject to getting stabbed, crushed, and, dare I say, death. That's role-playing. Stuff happens. Its not life and death ('cept for the character, perhaps), but its just a game! Relax. Honestly, its through the hard stuff that your character shines best, anyway.

> Out of Character (OOC) messages: Personally, I don't mind them in the gaming portion if you keep them short and sweet. I'm not gonna tell you you can't compliment someone's post in the story rather than the Set-Up section. However, the game masters have final say and might prefer that you keep all OOC to the Set-Up topic of the game.

> Randomness: Please read through all the posts as thorough as you can. If you don't know what your characters are doing, you'll end up with a confusing story line.

GM: "...the group is battling an ogre. The fight is intense and everyone is lending a hand..."

Player 'A': "... my character comes in riding a war stallion and kills all the goblins in the burning forest..."

Where did the stallion, goblins, and burning forest come from?

> Character Control: Except for the GM, a player really only has his character to control and navigate with. You may narrate the actions of someone you are fighting, or sometimes a non-playable character (NPC). However, it really is inappropriate to control someone else's character.

> GM/TM/DM: Game master, thread master, dungeon master.

They are the ones that have created a game or story in the role-playing section. They control what happens to the characters.
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Role-Playing Rules
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