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The Demon Lords of Nazshoth are the fearsome beasts of hell that are known to torture those who are meant to suffer for all eternity. These beasts are 12 feet tall each, with bright red flesh, and horse legs much like a centaur. However their upper torso is that of a man, as are their heads. Their eyes glow an eerie yellow color, and smoke pours from their nostrils. Their tails are of fire as are their hooves.

They all carry large whips and scimitars also made of fire and are able to cast a variety of arcane spells as well as teleport.

Nothing has ever been known to kill them, although attacking them with their own weapons to banish them for a few minutes is a legend many speak of.

The Demon Lords of Nazshoth answer only to the King of Hell, although none know who this truly is.
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