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There are six types of Anivers:

Canine (dog/wolf/bear/squirrel/fox/raccoon/rat/ect. "people")
Feline (lion/tiger/cat/panther/ect. "people")
Equine (horse/goat/elk/ect. "people")
Fish (shark/dolphin/fish/ect. "people")
Avian (eagle/hawk/chicken/owl/ect. "people")
Primate (gorilla/monkey/baboon/ect. "people")
Reptile/Amphibious (frog/snake/lizard/turtle/ect. "people")

Anivers, beings with remarkable similarities to animals have made a niche in the world for themselves. These beings are neither animal nor human. They are mostly bipedal creatures that share identical natural appearances with other animals.

Anivers have different shapes that resemble animals. Canine, feline, aquatic, and avian forms are the more common. However, there are other “animals” the aniver share shapes with (Primates and Reptiles). Despite being proud and strong people, the clans and tribes of the aniver are constantly battling one another.

Each “family” of aniver has their own fields they excel at. Canines are more often the warriors and mercenaries. Felines are more peaceful, seeking enlightenment and balance. Equines are extremely fast mazing out at 50 miles per hour when sprinting. The avians are the most curious of the anivers. Finally, the aquatic anivers: they are at home with knowledge and understanding as much as they are in the deep blue. Primates are usually friendly and funny and tend to be pirates or thieves (although some are known to be wickedly evil). Reptiles are usually found to be mercenaries or wizard are they are usually cold and calculating care for little, but themselves. While each “family” has their own traits, anivers never seem to settle for one role and are as diverse as any human.

Aniver racial abilities:


(the aniver has traits similar to their
animal kingdom counter parts. Felines are graceful and are extremely
stealthy. Canines are excellent trackers. Fish are amazing swimmers.
Primates have uncanny balance or amazing strength (depending on if they
are part of the monkey or ape family). Reptiles are immune to heat
(although fire can hurt them) or they can breathe water if they have
amphibious traits. And Avians, while they can not fly, can jump great
distances (roughly 20 feet) and glide).

Inner Peace (all anivers receive the ability to meditate and heal
minor wounds through sheer fore of will alone. This ability usually
takes an hour or more to complete depending on the severity of the
wound. Small cuts and bruises take only an hour. More severe lacerations or broken bones takes several days of meditation. Any injuries greater than that are not possible to be healed via this method).

Transformation (able to completely transform into the one creature from the animal kingdom they resemble the most. This ability is at will and may be used as often as the player wishes).
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