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 Warrior: Knights of Tomath

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Hunt the Dead

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*Knights of Tomath*

The Knights of Tomath have spread themselves completely over Nerin Toth, but so much so they have spread themselves thin. They are controlled by King Ellington el Tomath of the Kingdom of Peregren (also knows as The Epicenter).

The Knights of Tomath are fraction of what they once were both size wise and morally.

At one time the Knighthood believed in protecting the innocent, keeping the peace, and thwwarting evil.

However, currently, they are ambitious, self-serving, and close-minded only allowing humans and aniver to join their ranks (however there odd exceptions but they are so few and far between most believe them to be nothing more the fables).

For more information on the Knights of Tomath see #3 and #8 of the Hunt the Dead series.

Knights of Tomath receives the two following abilities.


Versatile (able to use any melee weapon)

At One (this allows the user of this ability to be at one with
their blade. They are so in tuned with a specific weapon (player's
choice) that they do more than normal damage with that weapon as compared to someone else).

Deathdealer (this allows the user to use all two handed axes (not including various polearms) as one handed weapons.)

Warblade (user is able to magically call their weapon to their hand (at a maximum range of 50 yards)

Wrath (the user of this ability may summon a spirit to fight along
side them with the exact same type of melee weapon they are wielding.
The spirit is actually the spirit of the weapon they are using. This
"spell" lasts for one hour (game time) and is usable once per day (game
time). The damage the "spirit" does is double that of the user of this


*Note: The bonuses from this ability may not be stacked with bonuses from other abilities.

*Note: Only one who is holds a higher station may train a Knight to move up to the next level. All knights start at Level 1 unless prior approval is gained from the DM.

* Level 1 - Vigor (trained to use strength in a battle, vigor allows the user to add a +1 bonus to all attack rolls).

* Level 2 - Might (trained to use strength in a battle, might allows the user to add a +2 bonus to all attack rolls).

* Level 3 - Rapidity (able to move at astonishing speeds of up to 40 miles per hour).

* Level 4 - Throttle (able to move at incredible speeds, allowing the user to up to 50 miles per hour).

* Level 5 - Endurance (the knight can go without food or water for up to two weeks while meditating to heal all wounds and sickness other than dismemberment and the zombie plague. May be used once per two weeks game time).

Also all Knights receive a free lion mount. The mount is a companion for life. It will not speak, nor will it fight (other than in self defense). They are also welcome in Peregren freely with no questions asked OR they can seek to join the ranks of the Knighthood's Sky Ship division and be part of a crew.
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Warrior: Knights of Tomath
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