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PostSubject: NON-PLAYABLE: Ogres   NON-PLAYABLE: Ogres EmptyMon Jul 12, 2010 11:05 pm


Ogres were at one time slaves to the dwarves much like the minotaurs. However, rather than revolting, the ogres continued to work for the dwarves.

Ogres of Nerin Toth are much like their counterparts of myth and fabled legend. They are usually bald or have white, brown or black hair. They're skin ranges from a very pale blue to molten green, to the various skin tones of humans. They stand up to 8 feet tall and can weigh as much as 500 pounds.

The ogres of Nerin Toth were finally released from servitude from the dwarves of Hillkhan, BattleMead and BattleAle, however many continued to work for the dwarves anyway. Many ogres moved to the larger cities of Greyshore and Peregren.

Most people mistakes ogres for being dumb brutes. While they have no manners to speak of, smell horrible, and are barbaric in nature, they are very cunning and are far wiser than their vocabulary would lead one to believe.
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