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PostSubject: NON-PLAYABLE: Goblins   NON-PLAYABLE: Goblins EmptyMon Jul 12, 2010 11:01 pm


Nuisances, thieves, and terrors. Goblins are those annoying beings that cause farmers and travelers no end of trouble. Every adventure knows of the creature. It is as well known as the dragon... if not as epic.

Goblins are creatures that prey on the weak and make their lives off of hurting others. Most goblins live in a community where they team together to rob or mug travelers. Often, goblins are seen as weak and more annoying than dangerous. However, there can be no mistake, that goblins can and will kill when given the chance.

Pretty much every race in Nerin Toth will agree that goblins are hideous and ugly beings. Their skin is often bumpy and rough. They're skin colors can be green, brown, or even shades of yellow. Most are shorter than humans roughly 4 feet tall and are very skinny.
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