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 Rogue: Acaetus Nimius

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*Acaetus Nimius*

Quite possibly one of the most dangerous Assassin Guilds known across Nerin Toth.

Acaetus Nimius (The Death Dealers) stand as the most feared guild in all of Nerin Toth. None know who the true founder of the guild was and as such no one knows who truly leads the guild either. With bases all through out Nerin Toth, in every major port city and capital city, each branch operates under a different guild master, all of which report to the mysterious guild leader, that none, other than the guild masters have ever met. Acaetus Nimius are feared amongst other guilds and have rivalries with all of them, due to politics. Meaning that, whichever guild is strongest, is the guild who brings in the most gold, and is also the most protected. Acaetus Nimius are dedicated to the quick and silent elimination of those they are hired to do away with, service to any who have the gold to pay them, and above all to the ideal that a life, no matter who it is, is nothing more than coin. Oddly enough, there have been examples of heroism among Acaetus Nimius, although this is very very rare.

Portus the Wicked and the Seven Feathers of Silence

Portus the Wicked is quite possibly the most infamous assassin in the entire faction. He leads a group of assassins known as the Seven Feathers of Silence, all of which are dangerous on their own, let alone as a group. Portus was a child when he joined the faction, orphaned at birth, and adopted by the guild. His darkling heritage has always caused others to mistrust him and to fear him. Portus is known to use a whip and various poison tipped daggers as his weapons of choice, and is also rumored to be very well trained in various arcane arts.

The Seven Feathers of Silence

The following members are known to be a part of the Seven Feathers of Silence. The remaining members are unknown of.

Jaslick Turner, a human female who specializes in dealing death with her seductive charms. She is known to frequent brothels where politicians frequent, and use her seduction to lure them into privacy. Most politicians she has slain are found hanging from a noose or poisoned and dead, having choked to death on their own bile.

Oswald Humphrey Stonavlik Esquire, an ogre male, who unlike most of his race, has an amount of class and realness about him, that easily allows him to infiltrate the poshest of gatherings. Once inside, Oswald is usually known to get a victim alone and use his brute strength to end them quickly and silently.

Kallum, a hellfolk male, is probably one of the wildest and most unpredictable of the group. He doesn't bother to hide the fact that he's a killer, and will willingly walk into a tavern full of Knights of Tomath, and shoot a general in the face with a flint lock pistol. He is unbelievably fast and agile and has more than once left an entire room of Civil Agents, broken, bleeding, and begging for mercy, simply to get to his prey.

Initiates of the Acaetus

All those who would wish to join the ranks of Acaetus Nimius must enter the guild as Initiates. All initiates begin their training in the art of poisons and stealth. The candidate must be presented to a Guild Master and be willing to complete a dangerous operation, in the field of assassination, without receiving payment.

If the initiate fails at their task, refuses to accept the task, or chooses to abandon the task they are put to death at the soonest possible opportunity.
Those who leave the faction, are hunted by it's members and are put to death immediately.

Members of the faction the following abilities:


Versatile (able to use any melee weapon)

At One (this allows the user of this ability to be at one with
their blade. They are so in tuned with a specific weapon (player's
choice) that they do more than normal damage with that weapon as compared to someone else).

Deathdealer (this allows the user to use all two handed axes (not including various polearms) as one handed weapons.)

Warblade (user is able to magically call their weapon to their hand (at a maximum range of 50 yards)

Wrath (the user of this ability may summon a spirit to fight along
side them with the exact same type of melee weapon they are wielding.
The spirit is actually the spirit of the weapon they are using. This
"spell" lasts for one hour (game time) and is usable once per day (game
time). The damage the "spirit" does is double that of the user of this


Ghost (able to blend into shadows with a fair chance of not being
seen. Must stay in shadows for this ability to remain in effect. This
is NOT true invisibility. If the user leaves their surroundings they
will become visible once again).

Veiled (the user has learned the art of shape change from demons at
some point and may alter their physical appearance to one of someone of
the same height and weight. This ability may only be used once per day (game time). Changing back to their original appearance does not count as the users once per day allotment).

Wraith (the user is able to take on a ghost like form for 30 seconds, becoming completely intangible, and somewhat see through. The ability may only be used once per day (game time).

Additionally members of the faction also receive two of the following abilities:

Luck (able to find a simple, normal weapon to use at all times, while in a city, with a +1 attack bonus, be it a sword, ax, or even a table leg. Normal weapons already owned by the assassin do not receive this bonus. may be used once per day (game time).

Runner (members do not tire from running. They do not have abnormal speeds unless it is something offered by a different ability, but they do not tire at all.)

Insomniac (members only need one hour of sleep to feel refreshed).

Loose-Cannon (if a member attacks first in a battle they receive a +1 to all attacks. This ability stacks with other abilities that offer bonuses).
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Rogue: Acaetus Nimius
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